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Artist talk celebrating and describing my art on the banners

Art Banners in Port Moody

Around a hundred banners are displayed in the City of Port Moody, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the City... They'll be up for the next 2 years!

Selected by Art in Public Places program by Washington State Arts Commission

Happy to be selected and work with AIPP (Art in Public Places program), Washington State Arts Commission

The SokaLivre Le SokaBook

The Sokalivre is bilingual and ready! Le Sokabook bilingue est prêt! This limited edition collector will be on sale for Christmas time, available with three different prices: SokaFan/ SokaDeluxe/ SokaCollector/ Stay tuned!!! Have a look here
Conformism scare me more than emptiness or monotony. I thrive for my artistic expression to reveal an eloquent inner journey, filled with ecstatic pleasure. The colours, composition and practice all participate in this unique moment of creation, and are the foundations of the artist that I am... ...My creations aim to trigger primal emotions, those that children feel when discovering for the first time with wonder a glimpse of their new world. Each piece finds its true significance as part of the whole, like beads in a rosary. Each subject is a testament and witness of the birth of order, emerged with enthusiasm from chaos. This imperious desire of construction, the quest for emotion through colourful surprises, are my discipline, the reasons why I create and survive.

The Canadian Government allows Original Canadian Art to be depreciated thorough the Capital Cost Allowance for business as an enticement for Canadian business people to support Canadian Art and Canadian Artists.
Canadian businesses can claim tax depreciation (CCA – capital cost allowance) on Canadian art purchases as a class 8 asset at a declining balance rate of 20% with 10% in the year of purchase, as long as the Artist was a Canadian Citizen when creating the work and the work of art is an Original worth a minimum of $200.

My work explores the concepts of individuality and differences in our society, and how integration is possible in the context of a fast evolving and technological environment. Painting being my first medium, I have developed a unique aesthetic language and technique using acrylic on canvas, which combines organic shapes and bold colors to create contemporary picturesque poems. These poems symbolize the general attitude we feel towards the unknown, and encourage witnesses to be opened to a fresh interpretation of their perceptions, which they need to accept in order to understand, grow and adapt to the mutations of our society. Each canvas is a work of patience, executed freehand (without using masking tape or other aids) in a meditative-like state of awareness and concentration.

I also explore the third dimension with bas-reliefs and sculptures. Together with design objects, these form SOKAZO’s World, offering a bright and positive alternative to standardized aesthetic thinking, to bring light, joy, dreams and hope back into our daily lives.

Art can’t be a selfish practice. I enjoy my work and every day find more people it appeals to, probably because I always consider creation as an act of Love.

The Sokapoles

These Sokapoles belong to the SoKazo Klan, talking about the future.
We are living NOW, enjoying the time creating a bright future for our friends, family and children!

These poles are connections to your imagination and dreams, they will bring you, step by step, days by days to Dreamland, a place where you are free to dream, create, connect with invisible, imagine, laugh and cry...
This sculptures have title like "welcome" "Reaching the Stars", or "knowing"... They belong to you too!
Feel free to find you personal title in connection with your emotions.

Sokapoles are not fully cylindrical, they are open at the back for stability, aesthetic and bright design.

Magic is everywhere when you love!

Prices and details at

Mon travail sur les Sokapoles appartient au Klan des Sokazo et parlent du futur.
Nous vivons le Présent, Épicuriens dans l'abbaye de Theleme, profitant du moment, créant un futur lumineux pour nos amis, famille, et enfants!

Ces sculptures sont des passerelles pour votre imagination comme pour vos inspirations, elles vous amèneront, pas à pas, jours après jours au "Pays des rêves", un lieu ou vous serez enfin libre de rêver, créer, vous connecter avec l’invisible, imaginer, rire et pleurer...
Ces oeuvres ont des titres comme"Welcome" "Reaching the Stars" ou "knowing...Elles vous appartiennent aussi!
Sentez vous libres de leur donner un titre personnel en connexion avec vos emotions.

Les Sokapoles ne sont pas completement cylindriques car ils sont ouverts à l’arrière, offrant une esthetique tant fluide que stable et inedite.

Quand vous aimez, la Magie est partout!

Prix et autres détails sur

Fantasy landscapes of inspiring narratives...

‘’Philippe Sokazo's lively, hard-edge paintings, such as Tales of the Rainforest, combine biomorphic abstraction with a retro sci-fi aesthetic to create fantasy landscapes of inspiring narratives... "
Robin Laurence
The Georgia Straight

" Sokazo's vibrant, organic and geometric canvases explore the different states and levels of existence that shape our universe..."
North shore News

Sokazo on CBC Radio Canada

Here are the links to polish your French skills by listening to Philippe Sokazo on CBC Radio Canada!

Voici les liens d’archives CBC Radio Canada annonçant l’évènement “New Worlds”!

Interview archive Le Pont des Arts
9 janvier 2009 / Januray 9, 2009

Interview archive Mots Croisés
15 janvier 2009 / Januray 15, 2009

Philippe Sokazo at the Richmond Art Gallery

By Matthew Hoekstra
The French Connection:
Painter pushes boundaries of contemporary art for the sake of mankind

Philippe Sokazo is out to rescue the world from boredom. Dull and dark?
Nuhuh. Try bright and sunny.

Sokazo is a contemporary French painter whose vibrant acrylic paintings of
fluid lines, shapes and bright colours have found life beyond the canvas.
His art has become attached to jewelry, rugs, tiles, cigar humidors, wine
bottles, clothing and even cars.

"It is still a part of my dream to change our everyday life. I think
everything is boring sometimes," says the 45-year-old from his Vancouver
home. His artwork is part of a five artist Richmond Art Gallery exhibition
entitled Shift, Working Through Repetition and Difference, which opens
today. Together, the artists explore change, repetition and perpetual
production, along with themes that include calls for social change. [...]

His artwork made a splash in France thanks to its striking lines, humour and
colour. Soon the winemakers were calling, looking for splashy new labels.
Other product deals followed, including one with Mercedes-Benz, for which he
created energized exterior designs. For the man who wants to splash the
earth with colour, it's hard to say no.

"My life is like that. I try to change my world, a little bit every day," he
says. "All the kids need to have hope, and if they see something
different-not grey but orange-they can say,"Wow we can do anything. We can change the planet." [...]

In France, people love his work. In Canada, he says, people are crazy about it.
"They feel joy inside because of the colours and composition, "he says.
"For me, it's a present to satisfy people."

Philippe Sokazo on CBC Radio-Canada

"Orginally from France, the graphic quest of Philippe Sokazo leads him to settle in British Columbia. In the immensity and wilderness of the scenery, he finds the audacity and desire to tame stronger colours in his unique abstract style."

Watch the interview (in French, 5min)

Philippe Sokazo: Biography in a few dates

1960 Born in Toulouse in 1962, raised in a family of musicians and art collectors between Paris and the French Riviera.

1980 After studying Ethnology at the University of Toulouse, is accepted into the prestigious Beaux-Arts School in Paris. He graduates in 1989 and soon decides to seize an opportunity to live in Miami where he works as Art Director for Teen Magazine.

1990 Before returning to Europe, he travels the world for inspiration: New York, London, Prague, Madrid, Bombay... His work is presented in various galleries and museums along side world-renowned artists like Alechinsky, Chilida, Riopelle and Matsutani of the Japenese Gutai Movement; all endorse Philippe's style and professionalism.

2000 Appointed member of honor by the city of Toulouse. Challenged by the Industry to apply his Art to manufactured luxury objects, such as jewellery, sculpted rugs, cement tiles, cigar humidors, wine bottles, fashion apparels and cars... these objects become part of the Sokazo World and are shown together with paintings in travelling exhibitions.

Settles in BC in 2005 where he discovered a new dimension of inspiration, light and energy.

Philippe Sokazo's Art can be found in public and private collections in France, Spain, Andorra, UK, USA, Canada and Japan, and is current presented in Vancouver at the Grace Gallery.

"Explosive paintings!"
Robert Villenave
Mayor of the City of Anglet (France)

"Generous artworks, saturated with overpowering colors where grow geometric forms, waves, circles and ethnic signs. Abstraction that hits the retina. Seduction is immediate."
Anne Tautou
Art Critic

"Philippe Sokazo's work particularly strikes me by the opulence of multiple effects opposed to a remarkable apparent simplicity in the making and in the iconic organization of forms..."
Denis Milhau
Chief-Curator of the French Patrimony
and Professor of Art History at Ecole du Louvre in Paris

Hipposnagon: Pacific Spirit of the Ocean

Hipposnagon is the Master of the Pacific Ocean and can make huge waves just for fun. He takes care of his people, fishes and other creatures. Very peaceful, he can turn into a complete fury just to show us how unique and powerful he really is.

Snearthquake: Pacific Spirit of the Earth

Snearthquake's body is lost in every pound of ground. Sometimes he moves when we don't respect him. Watch out! It could be very dangerous for our homes... Fortunately for us, he loves the human kind and has been asleep for years to protect us.

U.F.Ool: Pacific Spirit of the Air

U.F.Ool has frequent mood swings. Sometimes happy then quickly sad, formidable when he is angry and creates tornados or downpours. Friend of sailors, some people have seen him at sunset and ever since called him: Unidentified Flying Objects; but we know who he is...